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Maya Postepski is a polymath. An active member of the Toronto music scene, she has been making music for over 10 years, currently as part of electronic group Austra (Domino). She is a prolific remix artist, DJ and she co-wrote and produced TRST with Robert Alfons as Trust (Arts & Crafts).

Lossless is her latest album, to be released under her solo moniker Princess Century.

After spending time in California’s Topanga mountains, Postepski became fascinated with the area and its history. Infamously, Charles Manson housed his clan in the Spahn Ranch, not far from Topanga Canyon. It was there where he lived with his cult; which consisted mostly of entirely devout women, obsessed with him and his theories on the impending apocalyptic race war.

Delving deeper into Manson’s fucked up world and the Tate-La Bianca murders that followed, Maya’s fascination with Manson’s gruesome history grew, and she began to write Lossless. Through the winter, Postepski drew upon this as a starting point for the record; crafting a dynamic soundtrack that has moments of playfulness and vehemence.

On the album, Postepski notes: “There are many things woven into the record that also have to do with my private life, the craziness of all the events of the last 2 years.”

“I worked relentlessly in my studio, I imagined making a score to all the things in my mind. Perhaps I subconsciously attempted to reach into spaces I was working on myself by flirting with the Manson themes, using them as a veil.”


A1. Le Rayon Vert
A2. Palace
A3. Giving It Away
A4. Love and Money feat. Heidi Mortenson
A5. Twin House

B1. Eunoia
B2. PiG
B3. California
B4. Crummy Bones
B5. Das Schlimmste
B6. Heaven Rock

Twin House video, directed by Kate Young:

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