Monkey Island

When I was a kid I was really into the PC game MONKEY ISLAND. I used to play it a lot.

In year eight at school (age thirteen) we had an ICT project where you had to design a marketing campaign, of sorts, for a film. You had to provide detailed info about all the characters, the plot etc etc. I don’t really remember the ins and outs of the task, I just remember you had to pick a film though and stick with it throughout your project.

I think it says a lot about what an obnoxious child I was, that I refused to pick a film and instead chose to make my project about MONKEY ISLAND. I was met with no resistance so, unlike everyone else who did their projects on films (as intended) I did mine about a trilogy of video games.

I encountered various problems along the way – largely because all the guidelines for the project were aimed at film campaigns. I seem to remember it was a project we worked on for ages, maybe three months or something. I wonder if anyone actually read what we were doing, because I have a feeling my project was something like 60 A4 pages long.

I remember really enjoying being able to include images of the characters:

Unfortunately I don’t think Youtube was on my radar so much as a 13 year old in 2003, or else I’d definitely have listened to the theme music on repeat -

It’s just TOO GOOD!

I do remember a point during the project where my confidence in my selection of project topic wavered, but I was too deep in to start again.

This fansite has been on the internet for yonks, and I used it massively as my main resource during the project.

I played the beginning of each of the three games countless times, but I only completed them once or twice each. In Monkey Island three I seem to remember being stuck inside a snake for literally weeks. I spent so long clicking around the screen.

Got out though. Natch.


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