Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

A few weeks ago I put on a show for Waxahatchee at Dalston Roof Park. It was a really sweet evening and I loved Katie’s solo set. She picked Badlands as her movie choice which was totally perfect. The night was super and definitely one of my favourite roof shows of the 25+ we’ve done.

Waxahatchee – Brother Bryan by Don Giovanni Records

I also got to see a full band show, with drummer Keith and bassist Katherine, a few weeks later at Rough Trade and it ruled. As ever, I still hate describing the way music sounds so there is a link above to one of my favourite tracks. The song washes over you in a really beautiful way.

Katie, Katherine and Keith are awesome; I feel lucky to have gotten to set them up a show, they’re one of my favourite groups I’ve encountered for a while. The new record ‘Cerulean Salt’ is out on Wichita Recordings now!

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