The Sweet Cheat Gone

And so once again we find ourselves in the bleakest and most depressing time of the year; a season characterised by bare trees and chills. Outside my window, a line of trees stripped of greenery… I eagerly await watching the spring blossom life into them. In the interim time will pass in double socks and attempts to coax my cat into sleeping on my feet.

I have finished volume five of Remembrance of Things Past and will start volume six later today – The Sweet Cheat Gone.

Two and a half weeks remain of the year. The last two volumes of the great tome are much shorter than the earlier episodes; and if I hark back to two years ago I recall that this time of year is nothing short of ideal for blazing through literature. It was December 2012 that I managed to knock Ulysses out in a week and a half  (I had that little to do and energy to do it). So it’s not entirely inconcievable that I shall conclude the great novel in the not too distant future. I am very excited.

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