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Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

A few weeks ago I put on a show for Waxahatchee at Dalston Roof Park. It was a really sweet evening and I loved Katie’s solo set. She picked Badlands as her movie choice which was totally perfect. The night was super and definitely one of my favourite roof shows of the 25+ we’ve done.

Waxahatchee – Brother Bryan by Don Giovanni Records

I also got to see a full band show, with drummer Keith and bassist Katherine, a few weeks later at Rough Trade and it ruled. As ever, I still hate describing the way music sounds so there is a link above to one of my favourite tracks. The song washes over you in a really beautiful way.

Katie, Katherine and Keith are awesome; I feel lucky to have gotten to set them up a show, they’re one of my favourite groups I’ve encountered for a while. The new record ‘Cerulean Salt’ is out on Wichita Recordings now!

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Austra – Olympia

The new album from Austra is out now! It’s called “Olympia”. Katie’s voice sounds absolutely amazing and it’s a fantastic record. Sari co-wrote the lyrics with Katie, and both she and Romy sing throughout the record.

This is the last track of the record; Romy sounds incredible on this track especially…

Austra – Hurt Me Now by Domino Record Co

Band are back in November and play Koko. I’ve seen them play a lot of times over the past few years, and I also saw Katie and Maya play a set by Victoria Park four years ago now… I can honestly say they’re a brilliant live band who have gotten better and better over the years. They played at Hoxton B&K recently and it was pretty fantastic!


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Mt. Royal


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Mariam Wallentin

I got to see one of my old favourites, Mariam Wallentin (of Wildbirds & Peacedrums) perform twice this week with her new project Mariam The Believer. Andreas Werliin (of Wildbirds) was also on drums. There’s an album coming in October on Moshi Moshi.

Here is some great footage of Mariam performing my favourite Wildbirds song, My Heart, with a full orchestra:

And here it is in its original arrangement, with Andreas’ and Mariam’s incredible steel/pan drum energy explosion. So fantastic. Definitely watch this too, if you’ve never heard the original version before, as the orchestral arrangement is very different.

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Beach House’s lights

Beach House’s current stage design is so wonderful. Here’s a video in which you can see it quite well:

Created by Alex and Victoria.

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