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The See Hear Club, the night I run with my two friends Luisa and Rosa, is back this summer at Dalston Roof Park.

03/05/12: Mariee Sioux +  Film TBC – Tickets
04/06/12: Among Brothers + Drive – Tickets
27/06/12: Land Shapes + Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown – Tickets
25/07/12: Eyes and No Eyes + Film TBC – Tickets

More bands and more info soon. Hope to see you there.

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Sleepy Hollow

One of my favourite Orby songs. It appears on ‘Orbisongs’. Gotta love Roy.


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Peggy Sue have made a really great record! All those ties to Mumford and Marling and the UK ‘folk’ scene are completely irrelevant because they sound nothing like that. I reckon lumping them in with that lot is kind of like calling a wedding cake a cupcake. But anyway, lazy associations aside; they’ve made a terrific album which you can buy from Rough Trade.


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Purity Ring / Belispeak

I love this track. I didn’t like the other Purity Ring tracks I had heard previously, but I’m into this.

Listen here.

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Review: Smith Westerns at Rough Trade

Yesterday was pretty much the warmest and loveliest day we’ve had this year. After work I wandered down the road to Rough Trade and ended up watching Smith Westerns play a set. I love Rough Trade.

The sound was very ropey and they seemed to have the least sturdy mic stands in London. Even if it is completely unoriginal music, (it sounds like literally a million other things) some of the tunes and guitar solos on the album are lovely. That opening guitar riff in ‘Weekend’ is super catchy. It’s good throw away pop music.

But the singer came across as real stroppy, and when you drawl stuff like ‘uh, if anyone has any drugs to sell to us; see us after the show’ in your set I think it makes you come across as pretty lame.


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