- Shows –

I have put on many shows over the years and I would say almost all of them have been very fun.

2015 shows-
29/05/15: Doomsquad + Auclair at Dalston Roof Park
13/10/15: Celebration + Landshapes + Doomsquad at The Wind Up Space (Baltimore)
14/10/15: Bella Union x Hand Drawn Dracula showcase at Palisades w/Doomsquad, Landshapes, Beliefs, Vallens, Chastity

2014 shows-
2/9/15: Celebration + Landshapes at The Shacklewell Arms
21/05/14: DEEP THROAT  + Empire Records at Dalston Roof Park

2013 shows -
23/04/13: Joe Gideon & The Shark + Oh Ruin + Duke Spirit DJs at Chats Palace
19/05/13: Celebration at The Waiting Room
14/06/13: Waxahatchee + Badlands at Dalston Roof Park
14/07/13: David Thomas Broughton at The Lexington
21/07/13: David Thomas Broughton at The Lexington
19/11/13: Tasseomancy + DEEP THROAT + Slings & Arrows at The Waiting Room

2012 shows -
17/12/12: Peggy Sue + Landshapes w/Home Alone 2 at Chats Palace
25/07/12: She Keeps Bees + Oh Ruin at Cargo [SOLD OUT]
08/05/12: Sea of Bees at The Gallery Cafe [SOLD OUT]

The See Hear Club at Dalston Roof Park -

A summer series produced with a couple of friends. These events took place at Dalston Roof Park (18 Ashwin Street) and each evening one band played and a film of their choosing was screened. There was popcorn, cake and BBQ all atop a beautiful rooftop.

2012 at Dalston Roof Park -
03/05/12: Mariee Sioux +  Incident at Ogala
04/06/12: Among Brothers + Drive
13/06/12: Alpines + Romeo + Juliet [SOLD OUT]
27/06/12: Landshapes + Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown [SOLD OUT]
09/07/12: Still Corners + Daytrippers [SOLD OUT]
10/07/12: Rozi Plain + Raising Arizona
18/07/12: Novella + DIG!
19/07/12: The Mariners Children + Loves of a Blonde [SOLD OUT]
25/07/12: Eyes and No Eyes + Paris, Texas [SOLD OUT]
30/07/12: Johnny Flynn + High Society [SOLD OUT]
23/08/12: Peggy Sue + Ghost World [SOLD OUT]
29/08/12: Joe Gideon & The Shark + Sleeper
30/08/12: Dark Dark Dark + Back To The Future [SOLD OUT]
25/09/12: Dent May + Phantom of the Paradise [moved indoors due to weather]

2011 at Dalston Roof Park – [All events SOLD OUT]
09/06/11: Sam Amidon + Monsieur Verdoux
16/06/11: Zun Zun Egui + Dreams (Dir. Akira Kurosawa) [free]
19/06/11: The Mariner’s Children + Vertigo
22/06/11: She Keeps Bees + Paper Moon
28/06/11: Sea of Bees + Legend
29/06/11: Tasseomancy + Suspiria
30/06/11: Sea of Bees + Labyrinth
12/07/11: Landshapes + Harold and Maude
14/07/11: Melody Melodica and Me + The Moon and the Sledgehammer
19/07/11: Peggy Sue + True Romance
17/08/11: Veronica Falls + Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
25/08/11: Tristram + Annie Hall

2011 shows -
05/10/11: Cat Martino + Joe Innes + Dale & Anika at The Betsey Trotwood
30/08/11: Tasseomancy + Princess Century  at CAMP Basement
08/03/11: She Keeps Bees + Laura Hocking at the Wilmington Arms [SOLD OUT]
26/02/11: Sea of Bees + Laura Hocking at Westminster Reference Library [SOLD OUT]
24/02/11: Sea of Bees + Jess Bryant at the Wilmington Arms [SOLD OUT]
21/02/11: Sea of Bees + Joe Innes at The Gallery Cafe [SOLD OUT]

2010 shows -
04/10/10: The Pharmacy + Frozy at The Gallery Cafe
28/08/10: David Dondero + Dan Leno + Joe Innes at The Gallery Cafe
08/07/10 Ödland + Left With Pictures at The Betsey Trotwood
27/05/10 Sam Amidon + Leif Vollebekk at Bush Hall (w/The Local)
23/05/10 Tasseomancy + Forest City Lovers + Joe Innes at The Black Heart
04/05/10 Caitlin Rose + Joe Pug at The Black Heart (w/The Local) [SOLD OUT]
13/04/10 Darwin Deez + Extradition Order at The Black Heart [SOLD OUT]
24/03/10 Clare and the Reasons + Laura Hocking at The Luminaire
28/02/10 Scary Mansion + The Tailors + Line & a Dot at The Slaughtered Lamb
27/01/10 She Keeps Bees + Peggy Sue + Landshapes at The Black Heart [SOLD OUT]

2009 shows -
01/12/09: Caitlin Rose + Tristram + Joe Innes at The Betsey Trotwood [SOLD OUT]
04/11/09: Alessi’s Ark + The Momeraths + The Duffelfolks at The Betsey [SOLD OUT]
07/10/09: Broadcast 2000 + Al Lewis & Sarah Howells + I Said Yes at The Betsey Trotwood [SOLD OUT]

I handled the booking and organisation of events for Bandstand Busking (from 2009-2013), which included collaborations with Meltdown Festival at Southbank Center;  and have worked on events for Bella Union- including our 2011 SXSW showcase at the French Legation Museum, Explosions In The Sky album playback at London’s Planetarium, full day mult stage takeover at End of the Road Festival in 2012 and various London shows.

Here are some photos:

Dark Dark Dark at Dalston Roof Park

Luisa, Rosa & I (The See Hear Club) at Dalston Roof Park

Johnny Flynn at Dalston Roof Park

Bandstand Busking with of Montreal

Bandstand Busking with Forest Fire

Bandstand Busking with Veronica Falls

She Keeps Bees at The Wilmington Arms

Vetiver at the Bella Union SXSW Party

Bella Union party at The French Legation Museum