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Review: 02 Wireless Festival Day Two

With so many things running it was inevitable atleast one thing would go wrong. The first hitch was that Here We Go Magic didn’t turn up for their set. Oops. Oops indeed. Nobody knew where they were, but eventually we discovered that they had a mix up and thought they were on in the evening. It was a shame as I was pretty excited to see them.

The Low Anthem were next, after driving for hours to get to the festival. Technical issues (the generator stopped working in the middle of their set) meant they only did two and a bit songs. Booo. But, what they did do was fantastic. Ben has a phenomenal voice and they really rocked.

My Latest Novel were pleasant. We went to get some food in the catering area. I had a curry. The lady put a whole bunch of food on my plate and asked ‘what else do you want?’ to which I replied ‘I’m allowed MORE!?’. Wowee. Free food. We returned in time for Peter Broderick, who I’ve seen before. I love him, he’s a fantastic performer with some real instrumental skills. He can compose such rich songs by himself and it’s a joy to see and hear. He’s great live, at one point catapulting himself off the stage onto the grass and manically playing violin. The crowd were bemused, to say the least. He was playing Below It when the generator cut out again and he had to end his set early, which was a bit disappointing because I love that song and was thoroughly enjoying his show. Later in the day we were chatting to Peter and I told him how much I love his musical saw and he said he had it with him but didn’t think it would suit this outdoor setting. I think the wonders of the musical saw (my favourite instrument to see/hear live) would have been lost on most people there anyway. I hope to catch him again at End of the Road, check him out. Here is his Myspace.

So, time came for St. Vincent. Imagine an excitable child before Christmas. That was me. She played and it was marvelous. I reviewed it here. Completely charming and talented, I only have good things to write about St. Vincent. Go see her play.

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Photo: St. Vincent at Bella Union at 02 Wireless

Oh my. On a scale of 1 to 10, my love for St Vincent is 8273471230923. She is amazing. In the top 5 live acts of the year for me. Brilliant. I can’t wait to see her again on Wednesday (!!!).  I am so insanely busy, I don’t think I am going to have time to blog about this properly for a few days. So, a mini recap now:

Annie played with a band. It was rockin’. I spent the whole set in swoon mode. Marrow! Oh my. That song is so killer. After the set I wanted to speak to her so I could be all ‘ohmmmmygoodnessyouareamazing’ at her. I did just that. She was so lovely and remembered me from the interview we did and said she’s seen my photos before and that I go to alot of shows and said they’re good. What an honor. And! What a joy; we chatted about, the very dear to my heart, She Keeps Bees who she played a show with yesterday. And also lovely lovely lovely Sharon Van Etten and Scary Mansion. And she saw Wildbirds & Peacedrums in comics and said she loved them. GOOD. I love them too. I love all of these bands. A treat to speak with Annie again and a real pleasure to watch her perform, such a talented musician who I admire and respect hugely. I can’t wait to see her play at the ICA on Wednesday.

Sorry I am so excitable. I knew this would be a good week. I knew it! Hurrah!

Also, I have so much love for Bella Union. They are a fantastic record label run by truly lovely people who care so much about music. I dig that hugely.

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Photos: 02 Wireless Festival Day One

Phew! I am tired. I spent the day at 02 Wireless Festival courtesy of the lovely Bella Union. Their stage was the saviour of an otherwise ridiculously corporate, silly festival. I had a brilliant time and can’t wait for tomorrow, here are a few photos. My shoulders are killing me. My camera + the 70-200mm lens literally weighs about the same weight as a brick, so imagine holding a brick in your hand all day and lifting it up to your eyes and stuff. HEAVY. I’m not very muscly either, you see.







More photos here.

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