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I am resurrecting my dead blog to write about She Keeps Bees. Classic.

Firstly, my blog is dead because I want to redesign this here website but have not yet gotten round to it; as it is repeatedly gazumped in favor of doing activities not related to being near computers.

But that’s a different story!

Tomorrow I’m doing a show with She Keeps Bees. This is them:

I love them. They are such a great live band. I must have seen them play 20+ times and I still love seeing their show. They’re the sweetest people and lovely to be around.

Three years ago, in July 2009, I saw them play for the first time and I loved it so much. I was 19 and, even though it was only 3 years ago, I feel like I was much much younger then. I had only been living in London for under a year, and everything felt mysterious and new and interesting. Everything was an adventure.

They were doing a night a week, for four weeks, at a pub in Hackney called The Britannia. I think it was my first time visiting Hackney, actually. I got hopelessly lost, but didn’t really mind because the weather was so lovely. We had a good summer that year. I watched them play and I thought it was magic. I’m going to gloss over the next three years because lots of stuff happened and it’s probably not very interesting to read – but the short of it is, I saw them play many many times; and we’ve done a few shows together – one particular favourite in January 2010 at The Black Heart in Camden, with our friends Peggy Sue and Landshapes too. Basically: they’re the best.

Tomorrow they play Cargo. Doors are at 7.30, Oh Ruin is at 8.15 and She Keeps Bees are at 9.15.

Tickets are here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/169256

They’ve written some brilliant songs since, but maybe this will always be my favourite She Keeps Bees song:

That video is from a show we did last year, March 2011!

I think I’ve already managed to make pretty much all of my friends come see She Keeps Bees with me, but if you want to come tomorrow it would be super nice.

Can’t wait.

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I do not review albums or songs.

This is a test to see how many people actually look at the blog they’re sending to before they send you an mp3.

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The See Hear Club, the night I run with my two friends Luisa and Rosa, is back this summer at Dalston Roof Park.

03/05/12: Mariee Sioux +  Film TBC – Tickets
04/06/12: Among Brothers + Drive – Tickets
27/06/12: Land Shapes + Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown – Tickets
25/07/12: Eyes and No Eyes + Film TBC – Tickets


More bands and more info soon. Hope to see you there.

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Come A Long Way // Loudon W iii

I listened to Attempted Mustache for the first time since yonks ago, perhaps since last summer. I love the album and this is one of my favourite songs from it.

I really love this cover by Rufus and Martha -

At risk of sounding creepy, there’s something really familiar and homely about the Wainwright family clan which makes them feel loveable… sort of like you wish they were your own family.

Their tribute show for Kate McGarrigle in 2010 remains as one of the most beautiful and moving shows I have ever seen.

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The Guardian x Bandstand Busking

Here is a mini documentary The Guardian made about me and Bandstand Busking. I sound funny.

The Guardian / London Lives : Bandstand Busking -

One thing the documentary highlighted is that maybe I should brush my hair every now and again.

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