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Beach House

I took a break from boring boring Accounting to think about Beach House. Beach House are one of those bands with a name that makes searching for videos, pictures etc. hard, when you search Beach House on youtube it comes back to you with stuff like “My Sims 2 Beach House, comment please”, “How to build a Beach House on Sims 2″ and weird stuff like that. They have a Black Cab session where they perform Heart of Chambers, and a Vincent Moon-esque Shoot The Player session on beach (clever clever) where they perform Used To Be and then decend into madness and do a really fun cover of TLC’s Waterfalls. Then Victoria runs to the water and then starts running behind the band, the kind of way a duck would run. It’s awesome.

I love Beach House, I love their whole catalogue. From the more lo-fi sounding eerie haunts of their Self Titled to the fuller, but equally dreamy, Devotion, and their newest single Used To Be is made of genius. Victoria’s vocals are beautiful and Alex’s dreamy guitar riffs combine together to form something really special.

I’m so, so excited for their Cargo show. The Friday before the show I have to do a presentation with my group in front of like 100 people, then the day before the show I have to do another presentation where we’re filmed. I hate presentations! The Beach House show marks the end of presentations galore and will be a celebration. Hooray for Beach House.

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Beach House

I’ve mentioned Beach House alot in this blog, but I just can’t resist! With the end of the year approaching I’m sure alot of bloggers/music fans have been reflecting on their favourite releases of the year.

I love Devotion. I’m confused as where it places in my ‘favourite records from 2008′ list though. I’m guessing that when I see Beach House play in a couple of weeks it’ll cement it’s place in the #2 spot, which is a pretty great place to be.

Also, Beach House have the best music videos. I love the walking hands of You Came To Me, the creepiness of Gila, and this:

I love when they burst out of the garage with the trolley and the screen fills with light. I love this band.

Devotion and 7″ single Used To Be is out now on Carpark Records. I picked up Used To Be from Rough Trade East, and I hope to pick up the Devotion LP at the Cargo show (even though it would probably be cheaper to buy it from Carpark, it’s nicer to get it at a show). The Cargo show is on the 2nd of December and tickets are reasonably cheap, Cargo is a pretty nice venue so make sure you get a ticket and go, you really don’t want to miss this.

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Upcoming gigs

Okkervil River

Okkervil River

Because I need music like an alcoholic needs alcohol, or a coffee fiend needs coffee, or a squirrel needs nuts, or leaves need trees… (etc etc) I have a few planned shows lined up:

11/11/08: Okkervil River @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire: They’re playing with The Dodos, who are also supposedly very good; I need to give them a proper listen. This gig was a bit of an impulse buy. I hadn’t got much lined up next week, so I thought I might as well pay out and go to this. I’ve never seen Okkervil River live before, but judging from the videos I’ve seen it should be an amazing show. The only thing I dislike is that it’s at Shepherd’s Bush, which isn’t in walking distance (most shows are). Sheperd’s Bush is also quite big and doesn’t allow professional cameras, so no photos from me for this one.

Emmy the Great @ Rough Trade East 13/11/08: I’ve liked Emmy for ages so it’ll be great to finally hear her to play. I love Rough Trade for putting on all these instores.

Chairlift @ Pure Groove 18/11/08: A lunch time instore to wedge in between the 3 hours of Economics I have that day.

Jay Jay Pistolet @ Pure Groove 18/11/08: An evening, post-economics, show. Similarly to Emmy the Great, I’ve liked Jay Jay for ages now, so I’m looking forward to hearing him play.

Andrew Bird @ St Giles Church 20/11/08: This sold out pretty quick, so I’m glad I got a ticket. I’m really excited about hearing Mr Bird, especially in a church. The acoustics will be beautiful, I’m sure.

I’m From Barcelona @ Scala 25/11/08: I haven’t got a ticket yet, but I’ll probably go. It’s on a  Tuesday and I have Wednesdays off, so I might as well go. I haven’t heard their new record but I love their old stuff, and I’m sure it’ll be a party. I’ve never been to Scala before but I think it’s in walking distance and I think it allows photography, so that’s good enough for me.

Women @ Pure Groove 26/11/08: I’ve only heard a few of their songs but they seem like they’ll be fun, and it’s free and 10minutes walk away. I love Pure Groove.

Beach House + Jana Hunter @ Cargo 2/11/08: I’m so ridiculously excited for this! I love Beach House, and Cargo is a pretty nice venue in walking distance from me. I almost saw Jana Hunter in March, so it’ll be nice to hear her play too. I’m hoping Beach House bring their LP with them for me to buy. It’s one of my favourite records this year and I don’t even own it.

Pure Groove sometimes have to cancel/move their instores around, they did have Florence & The Machine and Soy Un Caballo listed, I’m not sure what happened. I’ll probably go to any other instores that come up. Loney, Dear are doing a show at Old Blue Last which I might go to, and Slow Club are playing at Union Chapel, so I might get a ticket for that too.

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