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I couldn’t stop drawing this weekend. Some of the things I drew are on my Flickr.

If you are one of the nice people who have asked to buy a London map, I hope to get some printed asap.

Here is Beyonce as a hunchback:

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Darwin Deez & She Keeps Bees

This was a nice day last Tuesday:


I spent the day with Team Darwin Deez and then saw She Keeps Bees. I love them.

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Scary Mansion comics

Wham, bam, shazam:

Scary Mansion on Sunday


Scary Mansion on Monday


Scary Mansion on Tuesday


I really like drawing. I have one about The Antlers on Wednesday I’ll post soon. Cool, nice to be drawing regular comics again.

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Lots of comics

I’ve been drawing.

Super lovely day with Alessi and She Keeps Bees

This day was so sweet. I went to work, met Alessi for a super long lunch break, went back to work, met Alessi and then we went to see Jess and Andy play their brilliant songs. SEE.

Shonen Knife and Low Anthem

This was a fun day! Shonen Knife are bound to make you happy. And I got Nando’s and watched Low Anthem. SEE.

Bandstand Busking, August

I watched Micachu, David Thomas Broughton, Treetop Flyers and First Aid Kit busk, then got food and went bowling with my friends Adam and Alessi. And we had good milkshake. SEE.

Friday 31st July

Hmm, I didn’t really do much that day. I ate at the Breakfast Club, which is pretty amazing I guess. SEE.

I drew loads of comics this week. I can’t wait to finish up the whole book…. and start another one (!!!).

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Here are comics illustrating why I am so busy and don’t get enough time to draw comics about being too busy to be drawing comics of how busy I am drawing comics of being busy:



Alessi brings her win-worthy-ness to my house and we do fun stuff like walk and eat and watch the Goonies. 



I go to Manor House to see Alessi play, we all make stuff, I get a ride home and go to sleep.

Oh. Both of them are Alessi-centric. Besides being a brilliant friend and an unparalleled pudding eating partner, she’s also has alot of beautiful songs. I listen to her record every day, it’s wonderful. Listen listen listen.

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