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Photos: Au Revoir Simone at Bush Hall

w/ support from Cortney Tidwell. Lots of nice things to say about Au Revoir Simone, brilliant band. Enjoyed their set alot and didn’t want it to end… mostly because I was dying (DYING!) to hear A Violent Yet Flammable World. Nevermind! I really hope to see them again soon and hopefully they’ll play it next time. I think I’m dying to hear it and I would actually die if I heard it. What a fatal situation (!). If they were to play it, it would just be so good and amazing and probably make me combust or something. It’s a special song to me. Very special indeed. I’ll review this tomorrow and do more raving later, in the meantime, visuals:

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Review: Cortney Tidwell at The Slaughtered Lamb

I was going to review this yesterday (so I could do some work this morning) but my internet was being a fail and wasn’t working. So I feel like I should review it now before I go to Wildbirds & Peacedrums in about 3.5 hours and get sucked into their vortex and never blog about anything else ever again. Or something like that.

I managed to go the whole day without eating then went to Tesco and bought a sandwich and some cheap Tesco brand biscuits. Classy times. I got there and there was a queue outside the door. I started talking to a guy who was in love with Chris Garneau. Chris Garneau is very lovable, so that’s understandable. We went in and I got a seat at the front so I could get some snaps. The first act was Jess Bryant from our very own, London. She had a really beautiful voice and she was great at guitar. She did lots of fancy fingerpicking parts and it sounded wonderful. She was excited to have some hand made CDs for sale, and they were all snapped up quick after the show. Next it was Idiot Son. Not my thing at all, so I will move on.

Cortney Tidwell, all the way from Nashville. She had a cute accent and said things like “y’all”. I like when people say that. She has quite a spectacular voice. The best parts were where she came away from the mic a bit and you could just hear her un-amplified voice… it was lovely. I have to say I haven’t listened to her much apart from the usual Myspace/Youtube investigation, so I’ll be lazy and say at first she reminded me a bit of Ane Brun, but by the end of the set not so much. She had an omnichord, which I LOVE. Omnichords remind me of Jenny Lewis and that sweet sweet part at the start of You Are What You Love. She was joined by friend/album producer (I forgot his name, oops) on keys. For half the set she went behind the drum kit and sang and drummed at the same time. I always find this to be fascinating to watch. She gets really into it too, which is always better than singers who don’t show any emotion while they’re playing. For some songs she was just drumming with the palm of her hand. She left the stage and was called back for an encore. It was an enjoyable set. She’s playing in Shepherd’s Bush with Andrew Bird in May. Listen on her Myspace.

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Photos: Cortney Tidwell at The Slaughtered Lamb

Cortney Tidwell supported by Idiot Son and Jess Bryant:

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