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Let It Die

An old favourite. Americans say ‘leisure’ funny. In my leeeeeeeshurrr suite. I guess the way Feist sings it it sounds fifty million times better than if it was sung in an an English accent. I know everyone knows about Feist, so there’s not much point raving about her, but I do really love her voice hugely.

Let It Die is such a brilliant record and it always makes for a warm listen every time I return to it.  So just in case you are missing out on this gem, I really recommend it.

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Oh! I think I would die:

Having Feist, Amy and Emily sing this song…. geez. I’m surprised the world didn’t explode or something. This was on Saturday. Look at how much fun they’re having (!!!). Ah! This is one of my favourite songs ever. I am excited. This was my favourite song for the whole time I was 17. I still love it. Ah. I am swooning right now.

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Feist, Cillian Murphy and Kevin Drew film

Kevin Drew directs a 15 minute short film called The Water starring Feist and Cillian Murphy. It’s mostly silent, Cillian says one line (in an American accent, weird) and it features the Feist song of the same name. It’s all snowy and cold but then they go inside and it’s warm and cosy. And they defrost a mummy. 

It’s a nicely shot film, though I’m not entirely convinced why I spent 15 minutes of my time watching it. You can watch it for the next week on Pitchfork TV. They also have an interview with Kevin and Leslie talking about the film.

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Feist: Let It Die

I haven’t listened to this record in several months, I didn’t really feel like listening to it for some reason. I listened this morning, I used to love this record so much, why haven’t I listened to it in so long?! What was I thinking!? It’s brilliant. She’s got such a smooth, lovely voice. Every song is superb, I’m going to listen again. If you haven’t listened to Feist in a while either, maybe you should.

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Dark Was The Night

Incase you hadn’t noticed already, Dark Was The Night, the charity comp from 4AD, are streaming a track a day over at the Myspace. Today it’s My Brightest Diamond’s cover of Feeling Good. Even though that song has been covered to death I’d quite like to hear Feist cover it. I haven’t listened to Feist in ages and ages and ages and ages, I suddenly miss her voice. I will listen to Let It Die later today. My blog has been very Canadian lately, maybe I should move to Canada and change the name to Anika In Canada.

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