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Review: Fever Ray at The Forum

An understandably well and truly sold out show for Fever Ray’s final performance here. I always get excited going to shows where the capacity is more than 300 people… shows like that feel huge to me.

First was Icelandic Hildur Gudnadóttir, who also plays cello in the very lovely Múm. She played by herself this particular evening, taking centre stage with bright white lights beaming onto either side of her. She was dressed in a wonderful outfit, with a giant head dress on… she didn’t speak at all during her set which just added that extra intrigue. She played really epic, apocalyptic cello pieces. She built amazing soundscapes using the loop pedal, it was fascinating to watch one person make such a huge sound. It was brilliant, and set the dark tone perfectly. Listen to her on Myspace.

Fever Ray opened to the rumble of If I Had A Heart. Karin has such a brilliant voice that holds so much depth and power; being at a Fever Ray show is completely hypnotic. All the lights, smoke, laserz (!!!)… it’s quite an experience. Watching Karin open her arms out wide and just motion ‘come on’ with her finger tips and seeing the crowd go wild at the start of When I Grow Up was pretty exciting, she really is an amazing front woman.

Her band are super tight, everything sounded wonderful. Seeing Fever Ray live for the first time was what made me really love the self titled record, and seeing them again was a treat. The band all had amazing outfits on, and there were the lampshades scattered across the stage once again. It was a really special show; Fever Ray are an excellent band and if they ever do more shows here I would really strongly recommend going, even if you aren’t hugely into the album… because you will be after. Brilliant band: Fever Ray.

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Fever Ray: When I Grow Up

Fever Ray are playing their final UK show at the Forum this Saturday. I am super, duper, duper excited. I caught Karin & co play at Shepherd’s Bush Empire earlier this year. Hearing the songs live made me appreciate the album much more… and it was visually spectacular. Karin has such a brilliant voice and a hypnotic stage presence. I guess everyone knows about Fever Ray already, and the show is well and truly sold out,  so there’s not much use in me telling you to get a ticket… but if somehow you haven’t heard the record yet, I’d definately recommend giving it a listen.

Their music videos are creepy. Basically, Fever Ray are dark. They play in the dark and use lasers. It’s very difficult to shoot- last time I struggled hugely. This time I’m hoping they don’t put the photographers in the pit at the front but instead on the wings that skirt round the side of the venue, joining to the balcony. That’s where I (inconveniently) shot Beirut, but for Fever Ray it would actually work well.

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List: Front people of the year

Here is a list of my favourite front people of the year. The list is based on stage presence, charisma, performance and intrigue, and in no order:

Meredith Metcalf

I think the photo says it all. A really incredible frontwoman. Music Go Music

Kevin Barnes

It seems like a long, long time ago since I last saw of Montreal. It was my favourite show of the year for quite a while. The whole band are excellent but Barnes has such an effortlessly cool, magnetic stage presence. of Montreal.

Nedelle Torrisi

I love Cryptacize. Nedelle is the perfect front woman, dancing along to the music and singing with alot of animation. It’s wonderful! Cryptacize.

Karin Anderssen

Karin gets to be on the list because, even though you can’t see her, she’s completely hypnotic and fascinating.

Mariam Wallentin

Mariam sings with so much passion and feeling. During songs like There Is No Light it’s hard to take your eyes from her as she switches between the two mics, bangs the drums and motions with her arms along to the lyrics of the song. It’s brilliant; she is an amazing performer. Wildbirds & Peacedrums.

Anja Plaschg

The 19 year old Austrian is so intense, so hypnotic… completely entrancing. She has a Bjork-esque mysticism to her, a truly talented performer already. Soap&Skin.

Emanuel Lundgren

Emmanuel is the perfect leader to the wonderful Swedish troupe, comprised entirely of JOY. Watching him makes me feel happy. He intereacts with the crowd and the band members brilliantly… and crowd surfing is always fun. I’m From Barcelona.

Jessica Larrabee 

Jess rocks. She’s got such a powerful voice and is great to watch and listen to… she can win over any crowd with her charm! She Keeps Bees.

Kristian Matsson

With the exception of a handful of songs, I’m not that familiar with his music. Despite this, he commandeered the crowd at End of the Road. He was alone on the stage but managed to make it feel full. He darted about and played with so much energy; I really enjoyed his set. The Tallest Man On Earth.

Tim Kasher

Playing guitar right at the edge of the stage, jumping into the audience, climbing atop the speakers… it was exciting and a joy to be witnessing. Cursive.

Annie Clark

Annie Clark is the Queen of charisma. She’s a brilliant front woman; confident, charming… and she shreds on the guitar. St. Vincent.

Who have I missed out!?

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Review: Fever Ray at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Last Thursday Fever Ray kindly treated Shepherd’s Bush to a nice healthy dose of WEIRD. I was super excited for the show, I figured it would be a bit different from the folky, low-key shows I am so often found at.

Before I even entered the main venue area, and again before I entered the photopit, I was specifically warned ‘DO NOT TOUCH THE MIRRORS!’. When I got in the pit I had a little look at the mirrors lined up across the front of the stage and got pretty excited about the imminent light and laser show.

The band opened with the rumbling bass of When I Grow Up. Karin was joined by four other band members all dressed in bizarre outfits that made them look like characters out of a Miyizaki film. The lights were super low and Karin hobbled to the centre of the stage with what looked like the rags of a dozen homeless folk atop her head. There were eight lamps scattered around the stage, which would flicker on and off, and before the set somebody had lit insence at either end of the stage. If I was younger I’m pretty sure it would have made good nightmare material. It suited the tone of the songs perfectly, and the atmosphere was brilliant. The crowd were clearly excited and the end of each song was met with huge applause and cheers. The light show was absolutely fantastic. The songs sound even better live. Fever Ray are a unique experience, and if the opportunity to see them live ever arises: GO GO GO GO GO GO GO.

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Photos: Fever Ray at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

I knew Fever Ray would be impossible to get nice photos of:

IF I HAD A HEART I COULD LOVE YOUUUUU. IF I HAD A VOICE I WOULD SIIIIING. Mmm, Fever Ray. They were brilliant, review soon.

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