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Scary Mansion

I miss Scary Mansion. I think they are my favourite band. SEE:

Here they do On My Mind and Captain:

I love Leah’s voice. That version of On My Mind is so brilliant. Brad’s bass parts are brilliant. And look how fun Ben’s drumming is. It’s brilliant. That song kills me. I remember when I first heard it. I loved it so much that I had to ration how many times I’d listen to it, because I’d fall into the trap of just sitting there listening to it on repeat, and I didn’t want to overdose on it. I’ve listened to it over a hundred times now and I’m still pretty far from getting tired of it. Captain is next, after On My Mind. It’s pretty rocking.

Also, the live version of I Dumped My Mind is so good:

Ahhhh Scary Mansion are wonderful. I can’t wait to have them around again.

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Scary Mansion in London

Scary Mansion! I love them. Lots. And lots. I have done for years. I remember when I first heard Scary Mansion. I was sitting on the edge of my bed when I still lived at home in Kent, I was 17. I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across their music, but the first song I heard was a cover of a Nada Surf song called Popular. I thought it was pretty cool, but the song I heard after that was Go To Hell. I LOVED it. Then the song after that was Yer Mom. I dug it, but for some reason it took me a few months before I got the album.

I fell in love with that first album in a big way. It’s just so brilliant. And then I came across all of Leah’s cool illustrations. She is a super talent; I love all of her work. Then, around the start of last year I got super duper ridiculously in love with everything Scary Mansion-centric and decided I wanted to go to Paris to see them, because they weren’t playing in London.

Last April I was considerably more inept than I am now (woohoo!) so it’s a wonder that I actually managed to go. I went all the way there by myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got hit by zero cars, which is an achievement in itself. I saw them play live and they were absolutely brilliant. And I seem to remember they kept playing Wildbirds & Peacedrums in La Maroquinerie which made me super happy, but it was kind of sad that I had nobody around to hi-five. Wildbirds bring out the hi-fives. Deservedly.

Back then nobody in London knew Scary Mansion; whenever I told anyone about the band they had always never heard of them. Apart from one person. I can’t remember what show we were at… I have a feeling it was Kimya Dawson at The Union Chapel in May. He’s my friend’s twin brother and I was telling him about how much I loved this singer, Leah Hayes, and he had actually heard of her (!!!!!!) and knew her songs. It’s pretty exciting to find someone who knows a band you really love. He’s really into the whole anti-folk thing and knew of her old band with David Ivar Herman Dune- Satan’s Fingers, more so than Scary Mansion. He kindly sent me over The Very Best of Satan’s Fingers and it was pretty awesome.

And now, here we are. Scary Mansion came to London. It was brilliant. I’m going to try and review the four sets I caught, and I’m going to try to be sensible and not bust out shouty caps and start every single sentence with ‘I love’, but it’ll be quite a challenge. I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE!

Scary Mansion hold a really special place in my heart of chambers. Yesir.

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Here is a drawing Leah and I did yesterday:

Leah is so talented. Buy everything she’s ever done ever. Go go go.

Yeah, I really can’t say enough good words about Leah and Scary Mansion. LOVE.

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Holy Moly

Here is a page from Leah Hayes’ book ‘Holy Moly’:

You can buy the book from Fantagraphics for a grand total of $4. Including postage to the UK. What a steal. I feel like I am robbing people. Fantagraphics is so cool. If I won the lottery I’d buy a copy of everything they stock and build a library to  house it all. I love comics and graphic novels, I wish I had the money to buy anything at all. I spent £20 at the comics fair last month and I got so much cool stuff. 

Get ‘Funeral of the Heart’ too. 

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Listen to Leah Hayes’ AMAZING voice.

What’s this? !!! Go to Leah Hayes’ blog.

Listen to that song. Listen to her voice. Absolutely incredible! Wowee. SO TALENTED, that lady! SO talented. Good skills.

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