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Photos: Sufjan Stevens at RFH

Photos: Sufjan Stevens at Royal Festival Hall

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Adam Green Secret Show Photos

Looky looky.

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Review: Xiu Xiu + WOOM at Plan B

Xiu Xiu + WOOM + Blue on Blue at Plan B

On Sunday I saw Xiu Xiu. This show, like most of the shows I’ve been attending at weekends for the past few weeks, was an Upset The Rhythm show. I have nothing but respect for Upset The Rhythm; I really believe they are some of the best promoters in town. They love what they’re putting on, and that’s really important.

First up were Blue on Blue, from this very here town of London. They were superb and I enjoyed their set alot. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

I had been excited to see WOOM and they were brilliant also. Their set was very charming and playful and at times they reminded me of a more experimental Cryptacize. Singer … has a great voice and the songs sounded great; I’m excited to hear the record. Have a listen to a few songs here.

Xiu Xiu headlined and were great. They were super loud and … looked like he might implode at any moment-he sings with so much emotion and passion. I loved watching the duo smash at their cymbals and turn a Nintendo DS into a musical instrument. Excellent.

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Venue Guide

Map of London:

Music venues in London. You can see it better here.

I really like drawing maps. So nice. Unrelated to music, there is a really brilliant map exhibition on currently at The British Library. It’s free and pretty big too. I went last week and loved it; I want to go again.

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Photo: DM Stith at The Slaughtered Lamb

Lovely lovely lovely.

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