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Review: Parenthetical Girls at Luminaire

Oh wow wow wow. Parenthetical Girls! Yes! What a brilliant live show. I left the gig so excitable that I did the whole ‘I’m so excited that I’m just going to talk to strangers about what I just saw’, which upon reflection is kind of weird but I seem to lose my judgment in all my excitement. I’d been waiting for what feels like forever to see Parenthetical Girls live, and they didn’t disappoint.

Within 40 seconds of opening their set (with the wonderful ‘A Song For Ellie Greenwich’, no less) Zac had jumped off the stage and was singing in the audience. He spent the whole set parading around the room in such a magnetic and amazing way. It was the last date of their tour and they were clearly down with just having a lot of fun.

I had a huge amount of fun and couldn’t stop grinning. They played a perfect mixture of songs from throughout their releases, including my favourite from ‘Safe As Houses’- ‘The Weight She Fell Under’. I was so excited and overjoyed to hear that song, as well as ‘Unmentionables’ from ‘Entanglements’ and ‘Evelyn McHale’ from their latest EP. Zac has such a beautiful playfulness, swinging from a bar on the ceiling and dangling his microphone from it. There was alot of sweet and witty banter. Rachel Jensen was just as incredible when she took center stage, and just as comical when she tried to take a swig of champagne… and then spat it all out because it was so bubbly. They were joined by drummer  Jherek Bischoff and Former Ghosts man Freddy Ruppert.

Throughout the set Zac mentioned they were trying to sell their remaining merch. For their last song he went through the audience and danced upon the bar, round towards the merch booth. As soon as the set ended, he hopped down and right into the booth. Perfect. I loved their set so much and can’t wait to see them again. Such a fun, incredible live band. Everyone should go see them.

Listen to Parenthetical Girls. They are very fun to take photos of, more here.

Former Ghosts headlined, and despite not knowing his material, I loved his set. He sang and danced with every ounce of energy in his body. It was loud and heavy and great fun. I’d love to see him play again. Listen to him. Ghost Bees were also there and were stunning… but I saw them the following two days as well, and will do plenty of gushing about them in my next posts… they are superb.

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Review: Warpaint at The Luminaire

On Wednesday I caught Warpaint at The Luminaire:

They were so good! Completely brilliant. The four of them are such talented musicians and make the kind of songs that hypnotize you and send you off into a dream. ‘Billie Holiday’ especially. They were wonderful and I really, really recommend seeing them live.

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Review: Basia Bulat at The Luminaire

A combination of lots of nice things. Here is Basia:

The show was promoted by The Local, so I got there in the afternoon to work. Basia arrived around 6pm and was so sweet. She was completely overjoyed to be standing where she was, in London. She loves the city and it was quite the mission to get here- what with the ash cloud. She flew to Paris and got the Eurostar to London. That’s determination!

I listened to her sound-check and her voice is nothing short of incredible. She has amazing projection and even unamplified her voice reaches every corner of the room.

Her main performance was brilliant. Due to the crazy circumstances she was playing as a duo with her friend on uke and singing harmonies, as oppose to a full band setup. She played songs from her most recent release, switiching between keyboard, guitar and a couple of zithers. It was very lovely and a treat to finally get to see Basia play.

Come see her when she’s back! Listen to her songs here.

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Review: Wanda Jackson at The Luminaire

Yesterday I went along to the Luminaire to catch Wanda ‘The Queen of Rockabilly’ Jackson rock everyone’s faces off at Luminaire.  What a crazy and fun experience! Here she is:

There were plenty of die hard rockabilly fans in the crowd. The Luminaire was stuck in a bit of a time warp that night. It was quite incredible, and really cool to share that experience with them. I confess, I am a rockabilly novice (incase you haven’t noticed from my blog) and it’s not my musical speciality. But! I absolutely love checking out other genres, especially when it’s being performed by such quality acts.

Imelda May opened the show. She adored Wanda and couldn’t stop thanking her for… pretty much everything. It was very sweet and her voice is incredible. Her band are brilliant, also.

Wanda is 72 years old, from Oklahoma. It was completely fascinating to watch her play. She has  A LOT of attitude, charisma and a heap of stage presence. It was endearing to watch someone who’s been making music for so long, and clearly she still has so much passion for it. She talked about her former boyfriend Elvis (Presley!), covered a couple of his songs, and mentioned her other friends Johnny (Cash) and Jerry (Lee). It was quite amazing. And even now, she’s reaching out and making new connections- singing together with Imelda May, covering Amy Winehouse, and her latest record was produced by Jack White. I had watched some videos of Wanda performing ‘back in the day’ earlier that afternoon and it was truly amazing to see her perform here and now.

Brilliant show; Wanda rocks. See more photos here.

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The Allotment & Clare and the Reasons

The Allotment is mega super proud to announce this show:

Clare and the Reasons at The Luminaire

The Allotment couldn’t be any prouder to host Clare and the Reasons’ first UK show since the release of ‘Arrow’ in 2009, and their first London show in over a year. The show is on March 24th at London’s finest venue, The Luminaire.

The band lays claim to a stellar list of accomplices- with Sufjan Stevens and Van Dyke Parks contributing to their first album, Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) contributing to their second, and ‘the Reasons’ including members of Beirut and The National.

The Brooklyn based band, fronted by Clare and Olivier Manchon, are musically gifted, but most importantly, a whole lot of fun. WIth cellos, violas, things to hit, kazoos, baby kotos, saws, and recorders in tow, ‘Arrow’ is an album you should get your hands on, and this is a band you should come and see live.

Tickets here. Please come and support! It’s our biggest show yet. How exciting.

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