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Review: Women @ Madame Jo Jo’s

So after The Joy Formidable I made my way to Soho to find Madame Jo Jo’s. I didn’t have time to find a map so I had to rely on Adam’s description of ‘it’s near the Soho Revue Bar’. I went to the Soho Revue Bar to see Nicole Atkins almost a year ago, so my memory was a little foggy about exactly where I should be heading. After a little wandering in Soho I came across Wardour Street which I remembered and then found the venue with ease, where I met Chalky in the queue. We shuffled in and went and sat down the front by the exceptionally tall stage. Tall stages, I hate them. They make photo’ing hard. I came away from the show and thought ‘ugghhh my photos are so awful’ but I think the low angle actually worked well on some of the photos. Anyway, I was there to take photos for Ragged Words (and to watch Women, of course). 

The first act were Desmond and the Tutus from South Africa. I think the same thing I thought about them on Saturday, they were just OK. Likewise with The Soft Pack. Ok, so now on to the good stuff… Calgary’s Women. The band started setting up and I noticed both the drummer and the bassist had Hi, How Are You? shirts on. This is an automatic win, I will automatically be endeared to anyone wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt. The band played a great set, the bass thumping so hard that a glass on the stage was having a super duper Jurassic Park T-Rex-approaching moment and bouncing up and down. Black Rice is my favourite Women song, despite it’s brevity. It’s catchy and brilliant. Group Transport Hall is another favourite. Women had a record out last year, listen to it and go see them live.

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Photos: Women at Madame Jo Jo’s

Women at Madame Jo Jo’s w/ The Soft Pack and Desmond and the Tutus. Ms. Jo Jo’s has an un-welcomingly high stage which made photos a challenge. Lighting wise it was nice.

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