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Marissa Nadler: Rosary

So, I guess over the past month or two I have accidentally mostly only listened to Creaky Boards/Scary Mansion/Holly Miranda/Beach House. Oops. I have listened to a lot of other stuff  too, but I’ve been pretty hooked on albums by these people. I’ve forgotten to listen to some of my other favourites…

Marissa Nadler is a singer I’ve never seen live but whose music I love very much. Every time I listen to ‘Rosary’ from her last album (released last year, it’s wonderful- pick it up) I think of this one night where I had loads to do and I stayed up super late and just listened to ‘Rosary’ over and over again.

Her voice is breathy and sad and her lyrics are heartfelt and sweet and beautiful. I love this song.

You can hear it here.

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Beautiful Star: The Songs Of Odetta

This is a compilation of cover songs curated by Alan Pedder and Charlotte Richardson, of Wears The Trousers magazine. All the profit will be split between The Fawcett Society and The Women’s Resource Centre.

01 LINDA DRAPER, ‘Sail Away Ladies’
02 ANE BRUN, ‘If I Had A Ribbon Bow’
03 GEMMA RAY, ‘900 Miles’
04 ANAÏS MITCHELL, ‘All My Trials’
05 HAUNTED STEREO, ‘Santy Anno’
06 MADAM, ‘Waterboy’
07 SANDY DILLON, ‘Can’t Afford To Lose My Man’ [live]
08 ORA COGAN, ‘Motherless Child’
09 JOSEPHINE ONIYAMA, ‘The Gallows Pole’
10 PEPI GINSBERG, ‘Beautiful Star’
12 MARISSA NADLER, ‘All My Trials’
13 KELLI ALI, ‘All The Pretty Little Horses’
14 KATEY BROOKS, ‘What A Friend We Have’
15 LIZ DURRETT, ‘Chilly Winds’
16 ARBOREA, ‘This Little Light Of Mine’

I think it’s a really beautiful thing. Make sure you show your support and buy a copy. You’ll be able to pre-order through Wears The Trousers in mid-November.

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Video: Marissa Nadler- Silvia

Silvia, Silvia, Silvia…

SO BEAUTIFUL. What a lovely video. So many beautiful songs courtesy of Marissa Nadler… I read this earlier, it’s a fascinating story about conjoined twins Daisy and Violet, which Marissa based the song Daisy and Violet from the album Ivy and the Clovers on. Basically, the twins were born in 1908 and had a terribly hard, and completely intriguing life. Read up, read up!

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Little Hells

Image above by artist Katy Horan from www.marissanadler.com

When I feel sad Little Hells makes me simultaneously sadder and calmer. That’s special, I think. See more of Katy’s beautiful, beautiful artwork on her website here. I like this one best. And hunt down Little Hells, fall in love with it. One of my favourite records this year, without any doubt. Furthermore, Marissa makes beautiful art too, see it here. What a super talented lady.

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Love Song 2

Listen to this beautiful song! Marissa Nadler! The lady has a voice of pure gold. I think ‘dreamy’ would be an understatement. It’s the type of song that makes me want to buy a train ticket just so I can sit by the window and listen to this.

The song is an unreleased demo of a new song, titled Love Song 2. Marissa has put it up for free download here. It’s worth being her friend on Twitter. Incase she posts any more heart-breaking-ly beautiful songs, n’all. 

Also, I absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, recommend Little Hells. Even if you don’t love it instantly, just keep listening. You’ll fall in love with it sooner or later. It’s one of my favourite records of the year. Completely brilliant.

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