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Interview: Cryptacize

Interview: Cryptacize

I love Cryptacize! They are great. Listen to their songs (here!). They’re an all round wonderful band; their records are brilliant and they’re great live, go see them when you get the chance. Nedelle answered some questions below…

Photo by John Ringhofer

I saw something like 400 bands last year and you’re one of my most favourites; I love your live show. Did you enjoy touring here?

Wow, that’s rad, thanks. We loved touring there, I want to go there again soon!

What’s your favourite place to play?

The Windmill in London was great, “roof dog” being a big part of that. And in general there are too many places to name really! I love this place called the Echo Curio here in Los Angeles. It’s small and run by really nice people.

What’s been the most fun/rewarding experience you’ve had as Cryptacize?

There are so many, being in a band is a lot of fun, I recommend it to every one! My favorite part has always been writing songs. It’s super difficult and frustrating, but that’s also why it’s the most rewarding.

As well as loving your live show, Mythomania was one of my favourite records from last year. Have you got many new songs? How do they compare to the old ones?

We have a lot of new songs in the works, I think they’re way better than the old ones! Onwards and upwards!

What are some of your plans for 2010?

We’re about to start recording an EP. I hope it’ll come out around the summertime. Then we’ll start working on a full length.

Do you work day jobs back home?

No, but we need them! I’ve been looking for one lately. My goal is simply to find a job where I’m not being paid really badly to help rich people become richer, and sadly, I’m discovering these are pretty hard to find.

How did the three of you meet?

Right now we’re actually a four piece!

I met Chris in 2001 when we worked at a record store together in Berkeley, CA. Then a few years later we re-met at a music festival we were both playing at. I was playing solo at the time. Then I started playing guitar in his band The Curtains, and then we started writing songs together and made up a new band name (Cryptacize.)

I met Aaron (our bassist) in college in San Francisco around 2006, though we didn’t start playing together until last year. We know Corey, our current drummer, through miscellaneous musical circumstances, he’s played in a lot of great bands including Gowns and The Mae Shi. And he also has a rad solo drum project.

That’s the long-winded version!

Do you come from musical backgrounds?

Well, I guess so. Doesn’t everyone though?

Both my parents are musicians and I grew up playing the violin and performing in musicals. Chris started playing the drums at age three! Super baby! And he’s played guitar/drums/bass in bands all his life.

I like your mixes you post on the Cryptacize blog. What are some songs you’ve been digging lately?

Thank you! Chris and I do them together. We’re working on a new one right now. I’ve been loving this harpsichord/tack piano album of Lou Harrison compositions. Something about the timbre cleanses my brain.

As for modern tunes, my favorite band right now is Nodzzz. Their songs are top notch!

I really love your DIY music videos. Do you have fun making them?

YES! imovie is the best- and just the fact that the technology is so easy and comes free with your computer kind of blows me away. I mean, technology doesn’t really thrill me. But this does. I can’t wait to make more, maybe I’ll make one for our EP.

If you could make a music video and have anyone you want, dead or alive, star in it, who would it be and what would you make them do?

Maybe I’d choose to be in a silly “Annie Hall” type scenario opposite Woody Allen.

If you could give your other two band members super powers, what would they be?

If we could all fly I’m sure our live show would markedly improve!

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Listen to Nedelle

Cryptacize have just been a goldmine of brilliance ever since I first heard them. Firstly, their albums are brilliant. Secondly, they are a brilliant live band.

On top of that, Nedelle is a brilliant solo artist. After watching the band a few times this week I researched them a little and found she has her own solo project. I listened to The Locksmith Cometh three or four times in a row on Friday at work. Lastfm says “Nedelle grew up studying classical violin and performing in musicals, with hopes of a Broadway career”. You can really hear the show tunes/musicals influence, it’s a brilliant pop record. You can hear some songs on Lastfm. Look at how many times I’ve used the word ‘brilliant’ in this post. Did I mention she’s got a brilliant voice? She has. Brilliant.

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