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Review: Ora Cogan @ The Slaughtered Lamb

I got there characteristically early so sat upstairs for a while and drew in my book. I’ve got so many pages to draw, it’s madness. I also got to listen to two guys talk about how great the iphone is for literally half an hour. 

I went downstairs at half eight and took a seat and drew some more. The place was pretty dead. Puzzle Muteson was first, he’s from the Isle of White and played folky type stuff. He’s got a show at the Soho Revue Bar coming up and one in Oregon this summer. He played a cover of Harvest Moon which was great. I like the of Montreal cover of Harvest Moon alot too.

Emil Brynge was also advertised to play, which I was quite looking forward to, but he didn’t play for some reason. He plays folky music and is from Sweden, I happened to meet him a couple of months ago at the Babel show. He asked me if I would draw him in my book, and I did. It should be known that when I’m drawing up my day, if you were in it then you’ll probably get drawn. I have so much to draw and scan in, you can see some old ones here.

So because Emil wasn’t there Ora played next. It was great again. She’s from Vancouver and plays folky bluesy guitar and has a great voice. It was her friend Max’s Birthday, she dedicated a song to him. I don’t know what that song is but it’s also my favourite out of the ones she plays. She also did her Leadbelly cover and ended with an awesome a’capella Jesus song. It was a really good show, it’s a shame more people didn’t come.

I always seem to end up talking to nice people at the Slaughtered Lamb. I chatted to a musician called Stephen who is also a big music enthusiast. I also got to meet Alan and his friend who run one of my favourite websites, Wears The Trousers, which covers all the best female artists. On the way out we said hi to Ora and I gave her one of my business cards. She had the choice of this one of Andrew Bird or this one of Anni Rossi. She chose Anni Rossi because she knows her. Everything is so interconnected. Good show, make sure you catch her when she next plays here.

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Photos: Ora Cogan @ The Slaughtered Lamb

This was my third time seeing Ora Cogan. Her ratio of good to bad shows has increased from 2:0 to 3:0, pretty good statistically speaking. My photos aren’t that interesting, it was quiet, I was sitting down, it was dark (excuses excuses…). Recap of the show tomorrow. I’m also going to see Ben Weaver at the Luminaire tomorrow as oppose to Rough Trade on Wednesday, so I can get to the El May show at the Brixton Windmill in time. 

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Upcoming Shows, Zine?

El May photographed by Bernie DeChant

Here are some of the shows I plan on attending:

Ora Cogan @ the Slaughtered Lamb 12.1.09 : I happened to see Canadian Ora Cogan twice when she was here last. She was good both times, which gives her a ratio of 2:0 of good shows to bad shows. This ratio tells me she’ll probably be good next time I see her. I like those odds. Plus, I have an exam that morning. I like to make sure I always have a show lined up after an exam. I like a balance, or rather an imbalance… in favour of music.

Ben Weaver @ Rough Trade East 14.01.09 : He is also playing a show at the Luminaire the day before, maybe I will go if I feel like it. He sounds like he’ll be a treat live so I’ll catch this before El May.

El May @ Brixton Windmill: El May is based in Brooklyn and is actually the support at this show for Lymbyc Systm. I know nothing about Lymbyc Systm apart from the fact their name is lacking in the vowel department. I’m hoping it doesn’t start eartly, so I can get there in time from Ben Weaver.

Anais Mitchell or Little Joy @ Dingwalls/Luminaire 21.01.09: I have an exam that day so I need a celebratory gig, which should it be?

of Montreal @ Brighton Digital 24.01.09 : I am so so so so excited for this. It’s going to be fun. I haven’t been to Brighton since I can’t remember. Last May I think it might have been, when I saw Kimya Dawson and the weather was ridiculously hot and I got hopelessly lost trying to find the venue, because I’m easily disorientated.

Loney, Dear @ St Giles 28.01.09: We all love St Giles. Emil’s new material sounded great when I saw him last and I am excited to hear him play again.

Sky Larkin @ ICA 29.01.09: Sky Larkin have a new album out soon, exciting times. I have never been to ICA before, I am intrigued.

Frida Hyvonen @ Bush Hal 5.02.09: Never been to Bush Hall either, I am further intrigued. I am very excited about this. 

Vivian Girls @ Proud Galleries 14.02.09: I haven’t got a ticket yet, they aren’t on sale. Wow, I’ve never been to Proud Galleries either, 2009 is  a year of discovery. The band were good last time I saw them and I know their album now so it’ll be fun.

Women @ Madame Jo Jo’s 17.02.09: I forgot to get my ticket today, I’ll get one tomorrow perhaps. At risk of being repetitive, I haven’t been here either. 

Fleet Foxes @ Roundhouse 24.02.09 : The big Roundhouse. Never been there, but I’ve seen it’s big round-ness from the outside. I am looking forward to finally seeing Fleet Foxes after missing their Shepherds Bush shows. Then I can see what everyone raves about.

M Ward @ the Borderline 25.02.09: I’m so sad I can’t see Woodpigeon! But this looks like it will be special, and I like the Borderline. 

Emmy the Great @ ULU 27.02.09: I am so excited for Emmy’s full length. She has a great voice and is good live, and she’s funny too. It’ll be good.

That’s all I got so far. There’ll be more, I’m sure. 

Also, is anyone interested in starting a printed zine with me? I haven’t had time to think much about the details, but I think it could be really fun. It could include reviews, some interviews, photos, drawings, comics and fun creative stuff like that. If you are interested in contributing or have ideas regarding the technical aspects of making a zine, then leave a comment or you can email me at anikainlondon [at] googlemail [dot] com. If you can write reviews/draw/write poetry/photograph/are creative then I would love for you to take part. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, we can figure out the details later. I seem to have a desire to constantly start new projects (this blog for example) and create stuff so it would be fun to make something with a team. You don’t even have to be particularly good at writing or drawing or photo-ing or whatever, I’m not! As long as you love music and creativity then that’s fine with me. It might help if you know something about zine-making or how to get stuff like that done, because my knowledge is restricted. If we don’t come up with any ideas regarding printing and putting stuff together, there’s a photo-copy machine downstairs by my accommodation’s reception, I don’t know how to use it but I could take a stab at it. I’m rambling, we’ll figure out stuff like that later. Don’t be shy, please get in touch.

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Review: Alessi’s Ark @ the Wilmington Arms

Well on Wednesday I was going to see Land of Talk, but after talking to Ora Cogan on Monday she said she was playing a show at the Wilmington arms on Wednesday. I checked this out and saw Alessi’s Ark would be there too, so I made the decision to go to that instead.

The Wilmington Arms venue area is tiny. I’m bad at estimates but I’d say you’d probably struggle to fit 50 people in there, what with all the tables and chairs everywhere. The show was put on by Indoor Picnic. The place was decorated with fairy lights and roses and it was really pretty (aww). I took a seat and drew a bit, but it wasn’t long before the first act, Kristin McClement started. Her songs were folky and lovely, she was joined by her friend on cello. She was very nervous and made a few mistakes but I thought she was still quite good. I have admit that by the end of her set I was dosing off to sleep, what with the low lights and everything.

I soon woke up when the host took to the stage. He was loud and brash and unfunny, even though he was meant to provide the ‘comedy’ for the night. When he finally left Ora Cogan was next. I saw her on Monday so I knew what to expect. A few cover songs and a nice strong voice, I enjoyed her set again.

It was Alessi’s Ark that really stole the show. She had that WOW effect. Before she started the host guy made her play ‘something sad’ so he could read a poem he wrote about Oliver Postgate dying. He only died on Monday so it was pretty tasteless and stupid. So when he finally disappeared Alessi’s Ark started. I was blown away with how great she was, she’s very talented. Her songs are sweet and her voice is amazing. At times she reminded me of Chan Marshall, especially combined with her facial expressions. Other times she reminded me a bit of Joanna Newsom. She was quite unique and special though. She really sealed the deal when she told us she has a friend in Omaha and his name is Jake Bellows and she wants to cover his song. I was like, Neva Dinova? She’s going to cover a Neva Dinova song? This girl is so awesome. She covered A Man and His Dream and turned it into a really short but lovely folk ditty. The rest of the audience didn’t seem to know the song or who Jake Bellows is. Iwas captivated and enjoyed the whole set despite not really knowing any of her material. I can see Alessi getting some attention and success in the future, so I feel lucky to have caught her in a really tiny venue will I still can. I look forward to hopefully seeing her play again soon.

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Review: Gregory and the Hawk @ Big Chill House



I’m working chronologically through all the shows I’ve seen this week… on Monday I saw Gregory and the Hawk with Ora Cogan at the Big Chill House.

I got there early and took a seat and drew in my book (I’m really behind). The music was good, I heard that opening riff from Under the Pines and I was like ‘wait, is this Bodies of Water??’ and yes, of course it was. They also played some Fleet Foxes and Cat Power, and therefore get the seal of approval from me. I ended up talking to a guy who came all the way from Hastings to see Gregory and the Hawk, his favourite band.

It wasn’t long before the first act started, she was Ora Cogan. She played folksy songs. The song that really caught my ear was her cover of the Leadbelly song- In The Pines. She played for about twenty five minutes I think. After the show we spoke to her briefly, she said she’s from Vancouver and told us she has a show at the Wilmington Arms on Wednesday. After a short change over it was time for Gregory and the Hawk. When I saw her on Sunday she played acoustically, this time it was electric. She has a really fantastic voice. The crowd listened attentively, which was nice.  I think she came on around 8.45 and was done by 9.30. After she finished playing I quickly said hi and that I thought her set was great, and she said she recognised me from the busk yesterday. Then I quickly made a dash to Kings Cross and got the tube to Old Street, and then walked to the Old Blue Last… which is where I saw the second gig of the evening.

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