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Review: Princeton at Pure Groove

Last Friday I popped to Pure Groove to catch Californian pop four-piece Princeton play a lunch time instore. Fronted by twin brothers Jesse and Matt Kivel, sharing vocals, guitar/bass, they’re joined by two other friends on keyboard and drums.

They initially caught my ear when I heard ‘Sadie and Andy’ from ‘Cocoon Of Love’. The track features the wonderful and amazing Meredith Metcalf guesting on vocals. Love her voice. It’s a great song.

Live, they’re really enjoyable. The songs are summery and warm and the two brothers both have lovely deep, baritone voices. The tunes are catchy and fun, ‘Calypso Gold’ in particular.

It was a nice set and I’d be happy to see them again. Listen to their songs here. That photo is by Laura Heffington (I was too lazy to carry my camera to Pure Groove to take photos!).

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Review: Scary Mansion at Pure Groove and The Old Blue Last

So after Scary Mansion on Sunday, along came Scary Mansion on Monday. I am listening to Scary Mansion right now as I write and it’s kind of making me wish it could be Monday again.

It was so reassuring to see Leah was okay, and then to have them play and be so wonderful was completely brilliant. It just blows my mind how one band can bring so much love. I really, really love them. I love all the little nuances in Leah’s voice and all the variations from the recordings made hearing the songs live really exciting. I think I might just stop writing now because I can’t write enough good things about them. It always makes me inordinately joyous to have a favourite band, then meet them and have them be such great people, and then have them rock live. What an epic win!

After the instore we went in Scary Mansion’s mansion-esque van to my friend Paul’s house. We got to chill and nom for a few hours then I went in the van with them to The Old Blue Last. I was pretty impatient and would have happily had Scary Mansion do a 7845373908380219 hour set.

When they took to the stage it was great, they were pretty amazing. Ben is such an incredible drummer. I can’t rate his drumming skills enough. I think between all the three nights they played most of what I wanted to hear (although I would have been happy to hear them play literally everything ever). Dumped My Mind is so brilliant live, and Scum Inside is such a great tune live. I always loved both versions of Scum Inside but I think just how rockin’ it is live makes me like the one on Make Me Cry just a wee bit more. And I love Ben’s singing parts when they do it live. It was really sweet of Leah to dedicate Go To Hell to me, that song is pretty special for me. It’s just so wonderful and perfect. Everyone should hear that song. Then, I was very happy to hear One Percent; Brad’s bass part in that is so good. And live On My Mind is seriously incredible. I can’t wait to hear them do it again. I love the way Leah sings. She gives certain words such a brilliant emphasis, and her vocals are so naturally beautiful. She’s effortlessly wonderful. Her voice is so special; it’s delicate, but at the same time it completely isn’t- because surely something with that much feeling and soul in it can’t be delicate. It’s powerful. Woah paradox.

When I saw Scary Mansion last yeah Leah’s sister Vanessa sang harmonies. She was really brilliant, it would have been lovely if she could’ve been at these shows too. I love that Scary Mansion are such a great band. It’s sometimes disappointing to see a singer playing with a band when really it’s all about the singer and the band are just there but don’t add anything to the show. Scary Mansion is a band and everybody in it is brilliant. They all add something and they are all great. So much love for them.


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Review: Air Waves at Pure Groove/The Lexington

This Friday I got to see Air Waves play a couple of times- lunchtime at Pure Groove (and then I enjoyed them so much I had to go again) and The Lexington in the evening.

I owe a thanks to Jess (of the wonderful She Keeps Bees) for getting me hooked on Shine On, and making me check Air Waves’ Myspace to, happily, see they were touring very soon.

Air Waves is Nicole Schneit, playing as a three piece with two other friends. After a few technical difficulties at Pure Groove they played us a whole bunch of songs. The drummer was excellent and the bass parts were great- they are a wonderful band that sound brilliant together. 

I liked the songs I heard so I really wanted to buy a CD but I didn’t have any monies. I said hi to Nicole and she was very cheery and lovely and I asked if they would perhaps play Shine On at The Lexington, and she kindly said they would.

Skip ahead several hours and I was at The Lexington watching them again. The sound was better this time and they sounded even more brilliant. Nicole has a really sweet, soothing voice that suits the songs perfectly. Knockout is a brilliant song and it was great to hear Shine On, with fun added ‘ooh oooh ooh ooh’ parts to replace the melodica parts.

This time I brought money with me so I could get the CD, it’s a nice little EP released via Catbird Records. I spoke to Nicole for a while, she was super friendly and interesting to talk to. She noted how hard to read British audiences are. I can understand what she means, and a few other touring bands have said it, so I’m really curious to see how shows are like in the States. I really hope Air Waves come back soon, you should listen to them here.

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Review: Lulu and the Lampshades at Pure Groove

I saw Lulu and the Lampshades back in March and thought they were brilliant. I’ve seen them at various venues since then, and this was my fifth time catching them play- and I’m still not bored! Not even in the slightest! I think they are really wonderful and so much fun. Luisa and Heloise have great voices, the songs are catchy, fun and light hearted. The percussion is brilliant. The band have released a 7″ single, Feet To The Sky. I was pretty happy to pick up a copy. I’d recommend getting yourself one. I really see big things for this band in the future.

They have some sweet videos up on Bandstand Busking. Go see them live!

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Review: John Vanderslice at Pure Groove

What a lovely lunch time instore from the wonderful John Vanderslice. I’ve been a fan of Emerald City for a while, but I’ve not heard any of his other material. He played a nice mix of songs, explaining that he’s trying not to duplicate setlists. 

From Emerald City he played Time To Go, and my favourite, Numbered Lithograph. I love that song and it was such a treat to hear him play it live. His band members didn’t have their instruments, so it was a solo set. John sings with alot of animation and was very sweet and charming and grateful for the audience for attending.

I definately feel it’s well worth looking up his new album and delving deeper into his older material. 

If you want to hear that wonderful song that I adore, Numbered Lithograph, he played it for La Blogotheque, which you can watch here

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