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Review: Darwin Deez at Rough Trade

I love Darwin Deez! They are so wonderful. I was super, duper, duper, tired after just coming back to London and being awake for over twenty four hours. And also, have you ever carried a rucksack full of camera gear? It’s really heavy. It’s quite tiring carrying it for prolonged periods of time. Just sayin’.

[photo of Greg soundchecking on bass]

Anyway, I got to Rough Trade early and stayed inside during the soundcheck. As soon as they opened the doors to all the folk queuing outside everyone tried to jam in in about ten seconds. The people at the front were buzzing with excitement, literally. They were talking mega fast and being all squealy and what not.

There’s something really special about Darwin and the music he makes. It’s poppy and charming, and it makes people so happy. I was literally filled with complete joy watching the band. The people at the front sang every word, did hi-fives, hugged, danced, patted each other on the head (Darwin really liked getting them to do these things) and it was heartwarming and beautiful.

Watching the band all grin ear to ear as they do dances is the sweetest thing. Cole plays with so much energy and spins around and I love the guitar parts he does. Greg played bass this time and was excellent, as was the new drummer. I was sad to not see Michelle play this time round, she is sweet and wonderful also (not to mention an incredible, incredible dancer).

[Darwin- above, Cole and Greg dancing- below]

They played a couple of new songs and did some new dances I’d never seen before. The dances seem to really ‘wow’ people, as well as inject an extra special amount of fun. I love it.

The show was great. I didn’t feel tired once. I would have happily heard them do every song twice. They’re such brilliant performers and good people, there’s not an ounce of pretense in what they do; you just want to see them do well. And they are doing brilliantly and they deserve it.

The queue to speak to Darwin wound literally all the way around the store.

That photo is just a small portion of the queue. The best thing is that he waits and speaks to everyone.

They are great. They have a ton of festival shows and a headline at Scala later this year. Go see them live.

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Darwin in London

Everyone’s taking naps so it seems like an opportune moment to write about this show on the 13th…

At 7pm on the 13th of July Darwin has a free instore at Rough Trade East. You can buy a copy of his new ‘Up In The Clouds’ 7″ out via Lucky Number to get a wristband to gain entry; any spare wristbands will be given away on the night of the gig. I bet the place will be completely packed out.

Darwin and his wonderful band have taken the UK completely by storm. They deserve all the success they’re getting! Such a great live band. The label are brilliant too. It makes me happy to see nice things happen to nice people. Now pre-order here and come to the show.

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Review: Yo La Tengo at Rough Trade

Yo La Tengo have such an epic back catalogue, I can barely say I know their stuff apart from a few odd songs. They played the Roundhouse recently and it was a sell out, so the opportunity to catch them play an instore at the comparatively ultra-intimate Rough Trade East was pretty appealing,

Wristbands were handed out at 6pm, and they were probably gone within 15 minutes. Hardly surprising. The instore itself was lovely, there was a very warm atmosphere and the band seemed really appreciative of the audience- and kindly took requests. It always endears me to a band when they ask fans what they want to hear, it was especially sweet because you could tell that were some pretty huge YLT fans in attendance. At one point guitarist/vocalist Ira Kaplan mentioned it was the band’s 25th anniversary this year, and joked that some members of the audience were younger than the band is. Yep.

Everything sounded great, and they played Speeding Motorcycle- which was fun to hear live (it was only a few weeks ago I heard Daniel Johnston do it at the Union Chapel, and the day before Caitlin Rose had joked about playing it… spooky). I don’t really know their material well enough to comment in much detail, but it was an enjoyable instore and I feel lucky to have gotten to see the band play. The Yo La Tengo Myspace is here if you fancy a listen.

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Review: Whispertown 2000 at Rough Trade East

What a joy! Things have come along way since I first started listening to Whispertown. I couldn’t find their album and none of my friends were interested in them/had never heard them. Fast forward three years and they are playing at my favourite record shop in London and I am watching them with lots of wonderful friends. Brilliant. I was pretty excited(!!!).

They started with 103. Morgan’s voice kills me, it’s perfect. They played nine songs but it went by pretty quickly. Not only are they lovely to hear they are so fun to watch. They look like they’re having so much fun (mid set hi-fives!) and play with alot of passion and you can really feel their energy. Pehaps it would be good to have a keyboard in the live setup, particularly for songs like Pushing Oars (and so we can hear Atlantis!) but regardless I love the way the songs sound live. I love this band hugely and I would happily see them again and again… If you still haven’t given them a good listen, you can hear their songs here. Please listen, I hope you love them too.

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William Fitzsimmons at Rough Trade

William Fitzsimmons has an instore at Rough Trade East next Wednesday, 18th of August. I’ve not yet given him a proper listen but his bio sounds intriguing and his influences include Dylan, Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel, and he has Elliott Smith as his second best BFF on Myspace (!!!).He hails from Illinois and I am curious to see the setup he plays with, solo or with any accompaniment.

The instore is at 1pm. Just a short walk from where I work, he seems to more than warrant a stroll down there.

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