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Go To Hell

Go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell

I really love Scary Mansion.

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Scary Mansion

I miss Scary Mansion. I think they are my favourite band. SEE:

Here they do On My Mind and Captain:

I love Leah’s voice. That version of On My Mind is so brilliant. Brad’s bass parts are brilliant. And look how fun Ben’s drumming is. It’s brilliant. That song kills me. I remember when I first heard it. I loved it so much that I had to ration how many times I’d listen to it, because I’d fall into the trap of just sitting there listening to it on repeat, and I didn’t want to overdose on it. I’ve listened to it over a hundred times now and I’m still pretty far from getting tired of it. Captain is next, after On My Mind. It’s pretty rocking.

Also, the live version of I Dumped My Mind is so good:

Ahhhh Scary Mansion are wonderful. I can’t wait to have them around again.

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Look at Ben hammering those drums around 3.40! EPIC.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

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Make Me Cry

Buy this album!

Love it.

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Review: Scary Mansion at The Black Heart

Tuesday came and I got simultaneously happy and sad. Happy to see Scary Mansion again, sad that it would be the last time I’d see them play for a while.

I went to The Black Heart and met up with my friend Paul downstairs. The Black Heart is a newish venue in Camden run by the same folks that do The Slaughtered Lamb. It’s a cool place and it’s starting to hold some really nice memories for me – it’s where we held The Allotment when She Keeps Bees played. That show is one of my favourites ever.

I could hear the band soundchecking upstairs. They were rocking Captain. I did a swoon. Leah came downstairs and we did a drawing together. It was really nice to draw with her, she’s such a wonderful artist. She’s such a huge talent! I literally love all of her work. I remember when I read her book – ‘Funeral Of The Heart’. I picked it up when I went to see the band in Paris, and when I got back to London I took it up to Hamstead Heath and sat there by myself and read the whole thing in one go. The stories are sad and sweet and Leah’s illustrations are beautiful. We ended up drawing a creepy looking guy. It looks like this.

The band played their set and it was awesome. They did Sorry We Took All Yr Money, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I could do a commentary on every part of their set, but I’ve kind of said it before (like one post down from this one). They are just so great live. They asked if there was time to do another song (there’s ALWAYS time for another Scary Mansion song in my book) but they were told to stop. Who tells Scary Mansion to stop? Boohiss. We cheered and clapped for more but they were still told to stop. It was the last song of their tour here and their tour manager Siegfried is awesome. They wanted to play another song, Siegfried wanted them to play another song, and I reaaaally wanted them to play another song. So they did! I thought it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. They played a really heavy Unwise and it was great.

When they finished playing I got stuck in a little loop of being unable to say anything other than ‘I love them SO much that was SO good’. I was happy and sad. We watched the headline act, Thus:Owls (more on them later) and they were cool. Then it was time to say goodbye. Sadface.

I loved having them here, they are truly wonderful people and the music they make is some of my favourite. I literally cannot wait to hear them play their songs live again and to see them again.

Leah was a joy to meet. I not sure if she realises how super duper wonderful and amazing she is. I wish everyone would listen to her music and look up her drawings. I love it all. Ben and Brad are brilliant and they are all so lovely together as a band. I hope Ben comes over with Chris Garneau soon, and I’m going to try so hard to jaunt to Brooklyn to do some shows and stuff in the summer.

What a pleasure to have them here. Listen to their music! Look at Leah’s drawings! I hope you get to love it.

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