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Why Is Your Raincoat Always Crying?

This is such a sweet song, and if you don’t know it you should listen to it. It’s by Simone White, who played a beautiful show here in London in the summer that I had the pleasure of catching. She has a sweet, soft voice and the song is so gentle and charming… it’s a really special song. You can hear it and watch a really wonderful music video for it here. The song was written by Simone’s friends Frank Bango and Richy Vesecky, and I often think about it when it starts to rain. If going outside is really worth trying, then why is your raincoat always crying?

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Review: Simone White at the Garage

The Garage has been done up and rebranded as the RELENTLESS Garage. It’s a garage, but it’s relentless. The venue lacked any character and I didn’t really like it much, though the sound was alright, which is good.

Or, perhaps it was just Simone White’s hypnotic vocal wizardry that was good. The lady has such a, seemingly effortlessly, beautiful voice. She has a new record out this year and played a few songs from that, including a really heavy one about an elderly friend who wants to die. It was beautiful, and she did a nice selection from her previous record, I Am The Man, including Roses Are Not Red and the ‘happy’ Beep Beep Song. I would have happily heard her sing for much longer, she was charming.

We stayed to watch Jesca Hoop too, who was quite the character. She has a powerful voice and her songs all tell stories, she was also very entertaining and worth investigating. I shall catch her again this weekend at the Wireless Festival.

Check out Simone White, I am yet to listen to her latest (though I did purchase it there, nom nom!) but her previous record is lovely and she is very good live. Catch her on Monday at 12 Bar Club if you wish. 

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Photos: Jesca Hoop and Simone White at The Garage

Not just any Garage, take heed: this Garage was Relentless. Personally, I dislike such tacky venue branding, and I felt the new venue was kind of weird and a bit soulless. The lights were bleh but the sound was pretty good, here are 2 shots:

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Help out Simone White

Simone White is so very talented and makes beautiful music. She did an interview for me (one of the first!) many moons ago, dig it out. She has a new record out called Yakiimo, out on Honest Jon’s over here in the UK on June 12th. She hasn’t got a US label, which is silly because I know if I had my own record label I would be pretty keen to snap up an artist as wonderful as Simone.

Apparently record labels look at mailing lists, and Simone says her list is sparse. You should be kind and sign up to it, go here. She will reward you with free songs. There are so many great albums coming out this year, exciting!

Visit her on Myspace.

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Scary Mansion in France

Whenever I see American bands have tour dates in France/mainland Europe I always pray they’ll pop over here, it’s so close, they might as well. Anyway, Scary Mansion is going to France in April (!!!!!!!!!!!) I hope she comes here too or I’ll be sad, and unfortunately I do not have enough monies to take a trip to Paris… or do I? I think I can get the ferry from Dover for like £10, then how much would a train be to Paris? To save getting a hotel I could just not sleep. I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s just hope she sets a London date. Similarly, my favourite keyboard trio are in France right this very second. Au Revoir Simone’s new one is one of my most anticipated records this year. Also similarly, Simone White is all over mainland Europe in March/April, I’m hoping to see a London date. Quadruply similarly, Whispertown are playing ATP in May. I am dying for that London date. If all these bands were to announce London dates I would cry, with JOY.

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