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Philip Schaffart – Jesus & Einstein

Team Love Library is excellent! How generous of them to just give away albums for free, right? You need to register, which takes literally 1 minute. Do it. And then when you’re there you can help yourself to all sorts of treats, including the brilliant Flowers Forever record, Nik Freitas’ Sundown and the wonderful South of South by David Dondero. And much more.

There is a Library exclusive of Philip Schaffart’s Jesus & Einstein. I am listening now and it’s lovely. Here is some information intended to entice you:

Jesus and Einstein, Philip Schaffart’s latest record, is an attempt to find the honesty in dishonesty, the truth in a lie, the light in the dark and the love that is buried beneath the hate of society.

Philip Schaffart was conceived in April, 1979 in Florence Nebraska. In addition to his solo work, he is also one half (along with Conor Oberst) of the acoustic duo Dark and Darker.

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Wave Pictures- Puncture My Pride

Free Wave Pictures album available from the Team Love library.

I hear lots of good things about The Wave Pictures, so I’m pretty keen to give this a listen. Team Love library is awesome, sign up for access to free downloads of full albums. Right now you can get Sarah Winchester’s demo EP, a Tilly and the Wall remix, Flowers Forever’s album (this is REALLY good, Derek from Tilly’s other band), Nik Freitas’ Sundown (also really good) and some other albums too.

While you’re there you can also grab an MP3 of Dan McCarthy covering Single Ladies. I’m not familiar with the original but Dan’s version is awesome. There’s something funny about hearing those lyrics sung in a folky way, especially sung by a middle aged man. Don’t treat me to the things of the world/I’m not that kind of girl. Yes Dan, yes.

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A Weather: Winter Wonderland

Portland band A Weather have recorded a nice warm whispery wonderful wintery (woo alliteration!) version of Winter Wonderland.

The band make whispery, dreamy folk pop. They released their debut Cove earlier this year on Team Love records.

You can pick up a few songs for free on the Team Love website (I especially recommend Spiders, Snakes).

You can get Winter Wonderland from the Team Love Library.

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Team Love Library

Music downloading has been so topical this decade. My friends in economics wanted to do their economics coursework on gas (booo) but I convinced them to do it on music downloads with me (yay!). It should make the coursework a little more interesting, I’d rather study the economics of music than gas any day.

So anyway, Team Love have started up a music library where they rotate albums available for download for free. It literally takes 1 minute to sign up. They’ve always offered albums for free, but they say they’ll be offering unreleased songs, remixes and live versions.  I think this is a pretty sweet thing to do. Sign up now and you can download some AMAZING albums for absolutely free.

I especially recommend the Jenny Lewis, Tilly and David Dondero ones. Capgun Coup are pretty great too, I haven’t heard the McCarthy Trenching and Berg Sans Nipple ones though. That Jenny Lewis album is one of my favourite records ever, and Wild Like Children is the best Tilly album. So if you haven’t heard them, or don’t own them, snag them up now and fall in love!

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