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Review: Peggy Sue at The Tamesis Dock

Ahoy! Ho ho ho. All aboard the Tamesis for Rockfeedback’s Christmas party.

First up, Tristram. I think it was something like a week and a half since I last saw him play. He was much the same- wonderful. The new song they play is brilliant. Listen to him here.

Then it was Curly Hair, who I saw four or five months ago at Pure Groove. They seemed to be suffering with technical difficulties a’plenty. Following Curly Hair were ‘secret’ special guests Local Natives. They provided enough harmonies to last me a good week or so. They were nice.

The boat was ram packed and looked lovely decorated in tinsel. Peggy Sue have a record coming out next year on Witchita, and treated to the audience to songs from it, as well as older ones such as Once We Were Strangers and closing on, the apt (well it would have been apter if the tide wasn’t out), The Sea, The Sea. Listen to Peggy Sue here.

A lovely evening indeed.

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Review: The Moonshine Jamboree X-Mas Party

What a pleasure to spend Sunday afternoon in the wonderful Slaughtered Lamb. The pub is much friendlier and sweeter than the name suggests.

Joe Innes opened up the show, followed by Matthew and the Atlas. Both were very good, Matthew has an incredible voice.  Next came The Lofty Heights and Tristram. I think both acts are brilliant and it was lovely to see them both again. Neva Dinova’s Jake Bellows played a solo set next. I’ve been a fan of his songs for a long time. He has a brilliant voice. He played new songs which were all very nice. 

Lovely evening indeed.

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Review: Bandstand Busking December

On Sunday I popped along to a jolly December busk at Victoria Park bandstand. It was pretty nippy, to say the least. There was also a crazy amount of squirrels, one of which met its end before the busk began. Three dogs savaged the poor thing, it was horrible.

Post squirrel-mauling came The Clientele, followed by Tristram, who was brilliant. The Guillemots’ Fyfe Dangerfield busked next. He was very cheery and was quite nice to watch.

As ever, all the busks will be online in the coming months… Bandstand Busking.

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Tristram & Band

I had the pleasure of watching Tristram play three times this week (once at the Allotment- hurrah!). He’s got such a wonderful voice and some really lovely songs, I think (and hope) 2010 will be a really good year for him. He has an EP on the way, featuring the very lovely Someone Told Me A Poem. 

What’s even better is that he’s backed by such a strong band. Greg plays music in his own band (The Lofty Heights) but provides stellar accompaniment to Tristram, offering up sweet harmonies and some great glockenspiel and melodica parts. Becca is an epic cellist; she’s absolutely brilliant. Somehow she manages to play in about 32731848130 (4) bands and bring something really great to each. Drummer Tom is amazing. He’s so animated and fun to watch, and adds in so many lovely little touches to his playing. 

Good stuff. Visit Tristram on his Myspace and go see him live.

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Photos: December 6th

I went to two things today: 1. Bandstand Busking and 2. The Moonshine Jamboree Christmas Party. They were both very nice. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day (I took quite alot), the rest are on my Flickr.

Here are 3 photos of Tristram & his lovely band, my favourite of the buskers:

Can you tell how cold it was from those photos? Then, through a magical twist of time and distance, I went to the Slaughtered Lamb. Joe played, he looks pretty cool with that pentagram behind him:

Then, because I sat in the same place while all the acts played, all my photos from the Slaughtered Lamb look the same. They’re on my Flickr should you wish to see them anyhow. Lots of bands played, including Tristram, Lofty Heights and Jake Bellows. And here is a photo of my friend and show promoter extraordinaire Anthony Chalmers (The Moonshine Jamboree/God Don’t Like It) looking pretty suave:

Good times.

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